Working with Nature - 'A quintessential world of Sal's Shells'. What can I offer you? - 'Hight value - low cost'.

'Sal Shells' - An independent entrepreneur, here to meet you every business need. Experienced years in this business has allowed me to understand your requirements as a customer and develop an enriched knowledge of 'shells', working to our mutual benefit. Having established a chain of loyal clientele from across continents - I believe it's time to extend this service to you. Customer focus is my prime concern, besides delivering the very best in a wide range of quality shells.

Working from the hub of the 'world of shells' - Tamil Nadu, allows me to offer you an exhaustive list of exclusive sea shells. Furthermore, working closely with my suppliers provides me the freedom of meeting large or personalized orders. The selection of shells is vast (exceeding a range of 200). While the shell is nurtured from infancy with the greatest of care, the finished product truly spells 'quality'.


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