Terms & Conditions


How do I place an order / or find out more information?

Step 1

Once logged on to our site, please make a note of our selected list of products that interest you.

Step 2

Communicate your list to us via e-mail

Step 3

Do provide us with your personal details. This should include : Company Name, Address, fax, email address and direct contact details.

What are the terms of payment?

  • We would require 30% advance along with the order. The balance payments once the goods are ready.
  • The ordered goods should be collected in one large shipment, should you require a split of two shipments please place the order in two parts.
  • Should the order be split in two parts for each shipment we would require a 30% advance separately
  • Orders once ready must be picked up within 10 working days, failing to do so there will be an interest of 12% added to the shipment
  • Please be assured that we will reply to all requests / orders in a short turnaround time.
  • All special orders require and advance payment of 80% along with the order, balance once the order is complete. Goods that fall into the special-order category are custom designs and custom colors shells (pantone shades) we will only start work once we have received the 80% funds in advance.

Note:  A minimum order requirement for each shipment is $ 1,500/- USD per shipment, we do accept smaller orders ( i.e. not below $ 500).

If you require an order at USD 500, there will be an additional charge, please contact for more details.

What are some stipulations ?

Under the GSP Program (Generalised System of Preferences) : No IMPORT DUTY or a Preferential rate of duty is levied on the goods entereing certain countries. Countries that honour this Program are : Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Luxemburg, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdon and United States of America. The GSP Program is been brought about to AID exports from Developing Countries. All GSP CERTIFICATION will be provided with our EXPORT paper work.

  • We guarantee that all our shells are cleaned and polished – a ready to sell product.
  • A minimal committed order of USD 1,500.00 is required. SOME CONDITIONS APPLY
  • All our prices are in US Dollars, unless stated otherwise.
  • Packages will be delivered to the nearest port from where you reside.
  • Should you reside in the United States of America, your package will be delivered to a port that

secures FISH and WILD LIFE facilities.

For Payment Terms and Conditions :

By Advance payment Via telegraphic transfers.

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